Asarafi Lamii Li Haalah (Finnish Import)

Asarafi Lamii Li Haalah (Finnish Import)
Born: May 14, 2002

On a visit to Sweden in the summer of 2002, I discovered that the male I had sent to the El Hamrah kennel had been used by the Asarafi Kennel in Finland.  The pups were 6 weeks old at that time.  I jumped a ferry and went to see them.  Not only did the breeder have one litter out of my male, but she had another litter from her own lines as well.  The moment I saw Li Li, I was in love.  She was a spunky little thing running behind a cover on the sofa and thinking herself so smart to pop out the other end.  She was just precious and I begged to have her.

She finally arrived at 16 weeks of age and I’ve enjoyed every moment with her.  She is the sweetest, most affectionate saluki.  Unfortunately, due to life’s circumstances, she was not shown to her championship title but certainly deserving of one.  She is beautiful and very true moving.

Li Li was bred in 2007 to Ch. Haalah’s Aeolian Eurus (Uri) and produced 3 lovely pups. This was the El Riyah Haalah litter.    Click here to see this litter.

In 2010, I bred her again to  a beautiful male, Ch. Omen’s Wayzak Ad Shaman.  She produced two beautiful pups and not being able to choose between them, kept them both.  This was the Opera Litter.   Click here to see this litter.

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