Haalah Aeolian Litter

Olivia was my first saluki from the famous Classicus Kennel in England. She was a brilliant bitch, beautiful with brains. Loved to course. She easily won her American Championship title and became a Field Champion as well. She loved to course. Haazim came from the Dadaelis Kennel and was always a keen and exceptional courser. He became a LCM 3 (Lure Courser of Merit) and was the dog to beat in the mid 90′s. He easily won his American Championship title as well. These two produced my first litter in February of 1995. 6 males and 2 females.

From this litter, I kept the tiny CH. Haalah’s Aeolian Drucilla. LCM. She was bred several times but never produced a litter. Her brother, Ch. Haalah’s Aeolian Eurus produced two litters for me out of Haalah’s Coco Chanel, and Asarafi Lamii Li Haalah. From these two litters I kept Haalah’s Coco Chanel and Ch. El Riyah Haalah Zari.

The Aeolian Litter produced great coursing dogs. Haalah’s Aeolian Sophia (Ebony) became the top coursing saluki in Canada for several years and Haalah’s Aeolian Dius became a LCM 3 like his father.

I have frozen semen from Haazim which will be used one day.

Sire: Ch.Dadaelis C’Ar Haazim, LCM 3

Dam: Ch. Classicus Hortensia, F. Ch. (English Import)

Ch. Dadaelis C’Ar Haazim, LCM 3 Ch. Jeshin’s Arabis
(chocolate English Import)
Roubayr of Barakhel Barakhel Bmysh
Bedouin Ivanna
Ch. Tamla Salom Barakhel Bmysh
Salu of Tamla
Dadaelis Chevaun’s Crystalite Ch. Dadaelis Shala Kharif Ch. Almanza Gwasmiyah, CD (English Import)
Ch. Bella de Esta Kismet
Dadaelis T’Zi Chevaun Windswift Kadeesha Tahzi (English Import)
Ch. Dadaelis Nev T’Ji Dezaun
Ch. Classicus Hortensia, F. Ch.
(English Import)

Ch. Pennyworth Riaz
Ch. Shamal Kharaz Ch. Jeddah Al Caliph
Sedeki Tamineh of Shamal
Ch. Kaus Kezia Int. Ch. Sedeki Barre
Ch. Mazuri Lail (smooth)

Ch. Classicus Cassandra
Classicus Serendipity Nijinsky Int. Ch. Samoems Sodom
Bedouin Fazara
Ch. Burydown Iphigenia Ch. Al Caliphs Alyfeh
Ch. Burydown Xenia