Ch. Classicus Hortensia, Field Champion

1/04/1990 x 10/01/2002

It all started with an 8 week trip to England. While there I spent my time going to as many saluki kennels as I could find. Crufts was held during this time also, so I attended and looked at all the salukis being shown in 1990. During my search I contacted Jeanna Jacques, of Classicus Kennel and viewed her litter of 4 week old pups. I immediately fell in love with a little smoke covered fawn baby. Her name was Classicus Hortensia.

After two other visits to Classicus kennel, Jeanna finally relented and said I could have her. She grew into the most beautiful black fringed fawn and was the light of my life for 12 yrs. I called her Olivia. It was with Olivia my love affair with salukis began.

Ch. Dadaelis C’Ar Haazim, LCM 3

8/20/1990 x 3/13/2003

In 1991, I had to have another and contacted Marilyn LaBrache Brown. She had been in England the same time I had been and returned to the States with a magnificent chocolate male, Jeshins Arabis. She had since bred him to a lovely red bitch and had 8 pups. She sent me a black tri male called Haazim. His coat was like paten leather, he was so shiny. Olivia was thrilled to have a playmate as I could never be as much fun as another saluki. Ch. Dadaelis C’Ar Haazim, LCM 3 became a top ASFA Field Champion and the one to beat.

Haazim and Olivia were mated during the Christmas holidays in 1994 and produced my first litter, Haalah’s Aeolian.

Ch. Dadaelis C’Ar Jayeme, JC

8/20/1990 x 09/1998

As luck would have it, I was given the opportunity to co own Haazim’s litter mate, Ch. Dadaelis C’Ar Jaeyme. A beautiful red bitch that easily finished her Championship title. Jaeyme was bred to Field Champion Tallahamrah Mithras Perstare in 1995 and produce a beautiful litter of 8 pups. From this litter I kept and co owned 3 of the males. This was the Haalah Dadaelis litter. A pup was sent to the El Hamrah kennel in Finland and Ch. Haalah Dadaelis Gabriel, LCM 6, Ch. Haalah Dadaelis Per’Jamison, LCM 2, and Haalah Dadaelis Tareef remained close by in co ownership with friends.

Frozen semen is stored from these males for a future breeding with God’s will.

Ch. Haalah’s Aeolian Drucilla, LCM

02/26/1995 x 01/04/2010

From the Aeolian litter, I kept the tiny and beautiful Haalah’s Aeolian Drucilla. Her birth weight was 11 oz. when she was born and the vet felt she would not make it.

She finished her Championship title and became a Lure Courser of Merit (LCM). Unfortunately she never produced a litter.

Ch. Haalah’s Aeolian Eurus, JC

Litter mate to Drucilla, we called him Uri. He is the sire of Haalah’s T-K litter and El Riyah Haalah litter both were frozen AI breedings. 

Haalah kept El Riyah Haalah Zari, a beautiful black bitch very similar to her grandfather, Haazim.

Ch. El Hamrah Dari Zain Haalah

12/08/1993 x 12/2004

In 1993, Haalah imported a male from the El Hamrah kennel in Finland. I had visited Finland in 1992 and fell in love with the incredibly beautiful International Multi Champion, World Winner, El Hamrah Timirr Khan, owned by Chrisse Grandel. When I heard he was being used, I immediately placed my order for a male pup. This was the magnificent male, Ch. El Hamrah Dari Zain Haalah.

Dari was bred one time to a Best In Specialty Show Canadian Champion Firuza Francesca of Heathland. This bitch was perfect for him. They produced a fantastic litter of 6 cream pups. From this litter, I kept a cream bitch, Ch. Haalah Firuza Fauve Heathland. We called her Slim.

Ch. Haalah Firuza Fauve Heathland

4/16/1996 x 10/5/2007

Slim was just perfect.  My ideal as was her mother and the dogs behind her. We bred Slim to Haazim and produced the Haalah Heathland litter. This litter was co bred with Leah Harrington of Canada who owned the dam of Slim.

Leah took a beautiful male pup and I kept two girls. From the two I kept, I bred Ch. Haalah Sans Souci.