Breeding Principles

We breed the best to the best. Our standards are high and we look for beauty, soundness of mind and health with excellent construction and movements. We do not breed to or with monorchids. We are always interested in other breeders and their programs and are willing to work with any reputable breeder who agrees that anyone can breed a litter, but for us the idea is to produce a litter we are interested in having in our own home and take responsibility for any pup produced by our breeding practices.

We breed first for ourselves and work with breeders that have the same standards as we do. Not only committed to the initial breeding but to the homes and the pups which the breeding produces. We are all about long term relationships and wish all puppy buyers to be part of our family. We are committed to do our best to produce excellent salukis without exaggeration, with good pedigrees, excellent temperaments, and good health. We stand behind every saluki we produce.

HEALTH GUARANTEE: If a puppy should be sold to a buyer who, within 2 months of purchase, finds their puppy to be ill with a birth defect (undetected by my vet or me before leaving), I require that the puppy be returned to me with documentation of the existing problem. I need a full evaluation by my vet or University of the problem to insure the health of future any future pups. If the buyer agrees to do this, the result is a full refund or replacement puppy will be given if one is available. Otherwise, no refund or replacement pup will be given. Should a puppy suddenly die, I require to be notified and a full autopsy done at my expense. All buyers of my salukis will agree to share all vet information with me directly or my vet should any serious illness present. This is the only way I can protect my breeding program.

To insure my access to vet records I will hold co-ownership of the puppies to insure access to this information should it be needed. It is expected that every buyer of a Haalah Saluki report immediately any problems with health or temperament when it arises to allow me to opportunity to help the buyer and the puppy with decisions and possible working techniques. Any puppy bred by me always has a home here and no puppy will be sold for resale nor can the puppy be placed with another owner. I require that all Haalah Salukis be returned to me if for any reason the buyer is unable to keep the saluki any longer. No Haalah Saluki is to end up in saluki rescue. All buyers are required to sign a Conditional Sales Agreement before any puppy can leave. I also require that all interested puppy buyers provide me with a completed Questionnaire which is found on the Contact page of this website so I can evaluate the home as suitable for this highly athletic, independent, sensitive and intelligent animal. Buyers should understand salukis are not suited to every person or family. I will remain only a phone call away and hope all the buyers will remain in touch with me throughout the lifetime of their beloved companion, a Haalah saluki.

Our stud dogs, including our frozen semen will only be used on approved bitches of quality, pedigree and good health.