Haalah SalukisMy Salukis:

It is as though behind the place where his eyelashes meet there are burning coals, constantly kindled, Like a hawk swooping on sand-grouse, he peels the skin of the earth with four feet.” Abu Nuwas, Eighth Century Arab Poet

Welcome to my web site. I hope you will enjoy your visit and find the site informative and entertaining.  I hope to provide you with a comprehensive view of what I feel is the ideal saluki. Let me say, there are many different types of salukis.  As you study them, you will note some distinct differences.  Some lines are big and substantial, some are small and delicate, some have profuse feathering and others do not.  There are smooth salukis and feathered ones. There are lines that have had the hunting instinct bred out of them and others that are bred for speed for racing and hunting.  All of this will be important questions to ask a breeder.

I personally prefer feathered salukis to smooths but that is just a matter of taste.  When I see a beautiful saluki, feathered or smooth, it makes my heart skip a beat.  Breeding  is, and has always been, a matter of preferences you wish to carry forth into the future.  I personally want beautiful, intelligent, gentle athletes and loyal companions, quick in mind and of foot.  I want salukis that are not only beautiful but functional; able to hunt, course, and show. I believe in multifunctional salukis, not just a show dog, not just a hunting dog, not just a beautiful object, but a saluki that can do all it was meant to do, beautifully.Haalah Salukis

As a breeder, I research pedigrees and find all I can about the dogs behind the lines that I choose to use.  I prefer to see the dogs in the flesh and not just breed to a photograph or a convenient dog in the back yard.  I do my homework.  I attend shows locally and Internationally.  I compete in coursing events and regularly attend The Saluki Club of America Nationals looking for salukis that possess all the characteristics that I want to own or breed to.  I want it all; brains, beauty, function, good health and an excellent pedigree to produce the best saluki possible.

If you are looking for a show saluki, coursing saluki or just a beautiful companion to decorate your life, I hope you will find my experience and insights informative and honest.  I always do my best to respond to any requests from new folks wanting to learn if the saluki might be a suitable companion for them and their life style.  Let me say, “salukis are not for everyone.”  They require certain living conditions and owners who are kind but firm.  They require a great deal of patience, praise and lots of room to run safely.  Finding the right homes for a saluki is a daunting endeavor.  It takes more than just a desire to own a saluki to be happy with one.  Therefore, expect probing questions and possible home visits from any reputable breeder.

Welcome to my website.